Breaking Bad Gets Middle School Music Treatment And It’s Amazing [Video]

Breaking Bad is drawing to a close, and, with Season 6 just around the corner, many first time viewers are binding on the series via Netflix.

But why watch Breaking Bad when you can simply enjoy a short musical version told by middle schoolers.

Nothing screams smoking meth like a bunch of kids who probably literally think “blue rock candy” is rock candy.

The music is pretty catchy, and it’s hilarious to see the characters so many people have come to love turned into Breaking Bad’s twisted cast of miscreants.

The musical was posted on YouTube by RhettandLink on August 3, and, at the time of this post, it has racked up 380,284 views.

Fans, myself included, are clamoring for one more chance to witness the rise and potential fall of Walter White (Bryan Cranston). Despite his shortcomings, I still can’t help but hope that White becomes the billionaire he keeps talking about.

Given the work these kids put into the Breaking Bad Musical, we have to give them a shout out by name:

Logan Gould as Walt
Logan Prince as Jesse
Delaney Joy as Skyler
Zack Shires as Hank
Kyle Villalovos as Gus
Jackie Radinsky as Walt Jr./Hector/Kid
Panu Yang as Blue Rock Candy
Max Reuther as Kid on bike/Chicken
Isabella Juarez as Kid/Chicken
Lincoln Neal as stagehand
Lilly Neal as stagehand
Locke McLaughlin as stagehand
Emory McLaughlin as stagehand

Are you excited to watch the final season of Breaking Bad on AMC?