Karl Urban Thriller ‘The Loft’ Gets Release Date

Karl Urban and James Marsden have signed on for The Loft, a new thriller from Universal. On Monday, the film got a release date and should drop in theaters on August 29, 2014, according to Deadline.

(IMDb currently shows the film with an October 2013 release date. No word on why it’s been pushed back close to a year.)

The Loft will center on five married guys who keep a loft, which they agree to not discuss with their wives. The purpose is to have an easy place where they can carry out extramarital affairs, of course.

But the crap hits the fan when the guys discover the body of an unknown woman and begin to suspect each other in the crime.

The film will also star Wentworth Miller, Rhona Mitra, Isabel Lucas, and Eric Stonestreet and will be directed by Belgium director Erik Van Looy, who helmed this story one other time in his native language.

(The foreign version was made in 2008.)

This is certainly not the first time a director has remade his own film in another language. In fact, the Josh Brolin-Ewan McGregor film Nightwatch (1997) was actually the second time writer-director Ole Bornedal took on the same story and characters for a new audience.

In Van Looy’s case, he depended on Bart De Pauw for the first Loft script. This time around, the nod goes to Wesley Strick, who penned the screenplays for Wolf and the Cape Fear and A Nightmare On Elm Street remakes.

As for Karl Urban, the New Zealand native, who broke onto the A-list with his spot-on portrayal of Dr. “Bones” McCoy in the Star Trek reboot and won some acclaim for his titular turn in Dredd, can next be seen in Riddick and The Wonder.

Here’s a trailer for Riddick:

What do you think about The Loft? Is this a must-see, and have you had the chance to check out the foreign version? Also, would you prefer Karl Urban in a psychological thriller or another comic book/sci-fi flick? (Star Wars, anyone?)

[Image via Shelly Wall / Shutterstock.com]