‘Street Fighter V’: Capcom Says It Could Hit In 2018

Street Fighter V could be on its way in 2018, according to Capcom.

What fighting game series can match the success of the Street Fighter games? Many have tried, and most have failed. Beginning with its first sequel, Street Fighter has become one of the most prominent games in history, even recently bringing the genre back from obscurity with Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter wasn’t a one-on-one fighting game at first. It was actually more like Final Fight, a side-scrolling beat-em-up with a twist; it had secret special moves. Only the boss fights were one-on-one, and it caught on. When Street Fighter II hit with nothing but one-on-one fights, it was a phenomenon. There was nothing like it, and kids with a competitive spirit flocked to arcades to test their skills against others and see who was the best in the neighborhood.

Each game in the series has brought something new to the plate. Even EX gave us 3D gameplay before Capcom had figured out how to master it. So what could Street Fighter V have to offer that we haven’t seen before? Perhaps 3D visuals will be the norm by then…

It is yet unknown what Street Fighter V will add to the fighting game series, but it only makes sense that it will take a few more years to hit, as there were several years between previous incarnations of the game. We do know that based on Capcom’s track record, they will make it challenging and fun, and deep enough for people who know what they’re doing to have an advantage over newcomers.

Capcom developer Tomonaki Ayano has stated about the time it will take to release the next installment in the series:

“Game development is a long and arduous process. If you look at the history of the series, it took six years to go from Street Fighter II to Street Fighter III, and nine years to go from Street Fighter III to Street Fighter IV. Purely based on that it would probably take us until the year 2018 before Street Fighter V comes out. So I hope everyone will play Ultra Street Fighter IV for a long time.”

Enjoy Ultra Street Fighter IV, since Capcom says it could be 2018 before the next actual sequel hits.

What do you think of Capcom claiming it could be 2018 before we see Street Fighter V?