Rob Zombie Doesn’t Want Your Noisy Kids Near His Home

Rob Zombie Noise

Rob Zombie may have a history of generating plenty of sound with his band White Zombie, but he’s not going to put up with noisy kids near his own home.

Zombie, who also directed such horror films as House of 1,000 Corpses and The Lords of Salem, apparently has a problem with a skate park near his home in Woodbury, Connecticut. If the rocker has his way, then the kids will be taking their skateboards to another location.

During the town’s annual budget meeting last month, Zombie’s wife Sheri Moon said the skate park was a pretty big noise pollutant in the neighborhood. According to her, other residents would also like to see the children take their noisy fun somewhere else.

“There are only three of four homes affected by it, but now that summer’s here and the windows are open, I hear it inside my house, which is the further point away from the park and there’s something that has got to be done,” Sheri explained during the meeting.

To matters worse for the skate park’s supports, Rob Zombie has reportedly filed a complaint with the town. Amanda Klimak, one of the women who helped get the park off the ground, doesn’t understand why the rocker is upset.

“We petitioned and raised funds for two years to get the skate park built in Woodbury. It is now in full operation and the kids are loving it, however, now the hours have been cut significantly to keep a very famous neighbor happy,” she explained on Facebook.

Klimak continued, “What I can’t understand is why instead of spending money on lawyers, he wouldn’t invest money into the skate park, which the town suggested. It would be tax deductible and a great gesture to the kids who have bought his movie tickets and music.”

Zombie, who is currently on tour, took a moment to respond to allegations that he hates the skate park and the children who use it. According to him, he is just looking for a little peace and quiet.

“There is a simple matter going on in which we are trying to find a solution that will make everybody happy. Unfortunately someone decided to turn it into a whole ugly event. What a bummer,” he wrote.

Do you think Rob Zombie is wrong for wanting a skate park moved away from his home?

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