Kanye West, Kim Kardashian: President Obama Calls Them A Bad Influence

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are a bad influence, according to President Obama.

It mostly started back in 2009 when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s award speech to tell her in front of the world, “I’m happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best music videos of all time.” The moment spawned countless memes and inadvertently launched Taylor Swift into the spotlight even more. Of course, that was just the beginning of President Obama’s opinion of Kanye West, who he called a “talented jackass.”

Kim Kardashian wasn’t much better, being one of the stars of the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She and her sisters became notorious for getting in squabbles in front of the entire world, even dragging their entire family into the spotlight. By the time the show was famous, Ozzy Osbourne and his family no longer looked so bad.

This year, Kanye West is back even worse than ever, slamming President Obama in his song Suit And Tie and then ranting publicly about Taylor Swift, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Kanye West has proven himself over and over to be the master of meltdowns and bad attitude.

Kanye West surprised us all when after getting Kim Kardashian pregnant, he decided to help her raise the baby. Then he went right back to his usual ways and refused to be present when the baby was born. Only Amanda Bynes was competition for his antics before baby North West was born, launching yet another run of negative scrutiny before the couple said they did it to avoid the KKK references of giving the baby a name like theirs.

President Obama has stated that Kanye West and Kim Kadashian are a bad influence, as both of the celebrities have given today’s youth unrealistic expectations of what life is about. To clarify, the President said:

The American dream involved some pretty basic stuff, a good job where you felt some security, a good education. People felt if they worked hard they could get there. I don’t think people went around saying to themselves, ‘I need to have a 10,000-square-foot house’. I think there has also been a shift in culture. We weren’t exposed to the things we didn’t have in the same way that kids these days are. There was not that window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Kids weren’t monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing or where Kanye West was going on vacation and thinking that somehow that was the mark of success.”

As generalized as President Obama’s statement is about celebrity life, it doesn’t stop Kanye West and Kim Kardashian from proving him right.

[image via Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com]