News Anchor Drunk? Kerryn Johnston Makes Funny Mistake [Video]

kerryn johnston drunk

“Good evening. Tonight I’m going to sound like a drunk.” That isn’t the way most news anchors would start their programs but that’s what Kerryn Johnston said at the start of her broadcast last week.

Johnston, who is the anchor at WIN News Canberra, warned her viewers before Wednesday night’s program that she “may sound a little drunk.”

Was Johnston telling her audience that she had drank a few cocktails before hopping in front of the camera? According to WIN, the comment was never supposed to go on the air.

The news anchor made her drunk comment during a pre-tape. She had screwed up a few of her lines and was making a “self-deprecating” joke that should have stayed between her and her co-workers. Instead, the pre-tape was put on air at midnight and Johnston’s fans were very confused by the joke.

The WIN Network’s director of news Stewart Richmond said: “This is a newsreader who sets a very high standard for herself. To have it go to air when it was not intended to, has been more than embarrassing for her. Kerryn has been presenting news for over two decades and has never put a foot wrong. I’m sure our viewers will understand.”

Here’s a video of Kerryn Johnston telling her audience that she’s a little drunk.