Richard Armitage And Why He Should Be Considered To Play ‘Batman’

Patricia Didelot

To most Americans, Richard Armitage is not a name that they recognize, but rumor has it, he is being considered as the next Batman.

Why should he be in serious contention to play the dark knight?

Richard Armitage is a British actor who is well known and very much liked by audiences in England and those who follow period dramas.

Richard is 41, so he fits the bill as far as age is concerned. He definitely fits the bill with his looks, he is 6'2", has a deep, rich voice, and has the acting ability to play anything he wants.

Heck, he just finished playing a dwarf. Yes, at 6'2". Peter Jackson gave him the job of dwarf leader Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit trilogy and he didn't go unnoticed.

Richard is a theater trained actor, as are many of the Brits. He has had stints in several popular period dramas. His career took off in Britain when he was cast as the romantic hero Mr. Thornton in North And South.

From there, he has played different roles within the genre most notably the sexy Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood for the BBC.

He also became very popular for his performances in The Vicar Of Dibley and Spook in which he played spy agent Lucas North.

Richard Armitage's popularity with fans is such that his followers call themselves the "Armitage Army" and are one of the most loyal groups of followers in the industry.

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Another indication of just how popular he is, is the number of online sites dedicated to him, we don't have an exact number, but there are many.

He favors one of them with annual messages, usually around his birthday, when he sends a personal note with an update on his career.

He is also honored on Youtube, with thousands of fan videos, which he has said is very flattering and at times have been used to embarrass him during interviews.

Richard Armitage has the presence and ability to play Batman opposite another Brit, Henry Cavill who will return to play Superman.

Whether Richard wants the role or doesn't remains to be seen, but his fans are hoping all the rumors surrounding Zack Snyder's film have some basis.

According to the Daily Star, a casting source in Los Angeles said, Richard is in "with a real shout. He is well liked and has the skills to portray the dark knight."

Anyone that is familiar with this quiet man knows that he would do the role honor, Richard Armitage is one of the most respected names in the British film and television industry and could definitely play Batman.

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