San Diego Mayor Filner Heading To Rehab

Embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is slated to spend the next two weeks in rehab following sexual harassment charges. As we have reported here, Filner is facing numerous allegations from women regarding his bad behavior. Filner was known for the “Filner headlock,” which was a way he would physically control women in order to get them to places where they could be alone. He was also known for the “Filner dance,” which would happen when Filner would attempt to kiss these women. Prominent attorney Gloria Allred has filed a suit on behalf of Irene McCormick Jackson, as reported by NBC News. Jackson worked as the communications director for the mayor’s office.

Mayor Filner has insisted that he will not resign while the lawsuit is playing out. Even though the mayor stated his intentions of attending rehab, he will still be questioned about the harassment suit. Filner also stated that he wants the city of San Diego to pay his legal fees. However, he is picking up the tab for his treatment. Filner made an apology video where he states that he “fully failed to respect the women who work for me and with me” and admitted to intimidating them.

Experts who spoke with the Daily Mail said that Filner’s success in rehab will depend on how willing he is to acknowledge his problems. Beverly Hills psychologist Lilli Friedland states how important it is to find the right doctor in order to establish that trust. She states that people will often wonder if they can really open up and that it takes several sessions for that trust to be built. A physical examination is also held in order to rule out any chemical imbalances. Once the problem is found, doctors seek to identify triggers in order to help patients develop coping mechanisms and support systems to ensure the issue stays under control.

Should the mayor step down while away in rehab? Is there anything Filner can do to improve his image in the San Diego community?