4-Year-Old Re-Elected As Mayor Of Minnesota Town

Mayor Robert Tufts has been re-elected as the mayor of Dorset, a small town in Minnesota, despite the fact that he is only 4-years-old.

Mayor Tufts, who hasn’t even made it to preschool yet, managed to get re-elected as mayor of the tiny tourist location after his name was once again picked at Sunday’s annual Taste of Dorset festival.

Dorset doesn’t have a city government, so its population of between 22 to 28 people, which changes whether the minister and his family are in town, are allowed to vote for their mayor as many times as they like, at the low, low cost of just $1 a vote.

There are various ballot boxes around stores in town, and the money raised is then used to help organize a festival for the people of Dorset.

Bobby was first elected as a three year-old, and when it was announced that he had been re-elected on Sunday, at the ripe old-age of four, his mother, Emma Tufts, admitted that they both got very emotional.

Mayor Tufts picked a man out of the crowd at random, who was then blindfolded, twice, and asked to pick the name out of a tub.

Emma Tufts admitted that the ruler of Dorset was a little wiped after the day’s excursions, especially considering he had been conducting interviews since 3 o’clock. Even she admitted that she was surprised he hadn’t had a little temper tantrum after being in front of the cameras all day.


Bobby did confess during a phone interview that, after his second election success, he now wanted to be with his friends, and he was a little weary of the constant questions.

To celebrate, Bobby, who will start preschool in September, and his family were set to go for a fancy dinner and then were either going to fish or have a bonfire.

Bobby’s first year as mayor of Dorset was a rousing success, as he raised $750 from a summer walk, and he also plans to donate money from Sunday’s T-shirt sale to charity too.

During his second term, Bobby will raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley in Fargo, N.D, plus he has also vowed to build a new welcome sign for Dorset.