Nevada Woman Gives Birth In Subway Restroom

A Nevada woman gave birth in the restroom of a Subway sandwich shop on Friday, after she barged into the restaurant and declared she was in labor.

Flora Vargas, who is an assistant manager at the establishment, was hard at work when the woman waddled in, made her announcement, and then raced to the female restroom.

Vargas then jumped into action alongside her boss, following the woman into the bathroom with sandwich wrappers and trash bags, which they then placed onto the floor and used for sanitation.

After several minutes, the mother then gave birth on the floor of the restroom, which was located in Minden, 40 miles south of Reno.

Vargas talked to the Associated Press about the incident, stating that she gave birth to a “beautiful boy,” and even remarking that the child didn’t even cry when he came out. However, moments later he let out his first wail and started to breath easier, which allowed the impromptu midwife to know he was alive.

The birth took place at 9:30 a.m, and luckily there weren’t any customers inside Subway at the time, otherwise they probably would have immediately lost their appetite. The restaurant, which was open, only had Vargas and the manager inside.


Vargas admitted that she didn’t complete the birth by herself, as paramedics from the East Fork Fire and Paramedic District arrived just in time to assist with the delivery.

However she did admit that the head of the baby was already out when she was on the floor, and that the child came out incredibly fast.

The only information that Vargas had on the mother was that she was 21 and that this was her third child. A hospital spokeswoman did announce though that both mother and son are healthy, however he refused to disclose either of their names.

[Image via Northfoto/Shutterstock]