Satis Toilet Hacked By Android User, Reveals Japanese Toilets Oh-So-Hackable

A new Satis toilet hack released into the wild on Thursday calls attention to just how easy it could be to hack Japanese luxury toilets.

An alert about the prank was posted by Trustwave about the Satis brand of smart toilets. But I’m not sure why we couldn’t see other hacks possible for other brands of Japanese toilets with wireless control panels.

The Satis toilet hack is a simple prank.

According to the fine folks at Trustwave, Satis smart toilets all come with the same Bluetooth security PIN number. It’s the always imaginative 0000.

According to Betabeat, if you’ve got an Android phone loaded with the Satis app, you’re in business. You can now control any Satis toilet within range of your device.

Their writer Jessica Roy suggested that you use it to flap the lid open and shut and then spray water all over their, um, private parts. Wheeeee!

But Trustwave noted that someone who didn’t like the Satis owner could really cause them some financial pain in addition to spewing water and hot air all over their personal zones.

They warned: “An attacker could…cause the toilet to repeatedly flush, raising the water usage and therefore utility cost to its owner.”

Oh the humanity.

But the Satis toilet is just one among many items that proved hackable at this year’s Black Hat and Def Con security conferences in Las Vegas last week. A Forbes writer got a chilling demonstration about how his car brakes could be hacked. That won’t just drain your bank account.

It could also drain your life’s blood.

Want more happy news? An industrial programmer told me that anything with a computer chip in it can probably be hacked. It can be easy, or it can be hard.

But it can be done.

Here the ridiculous PIN made the Japanese Satis toilet hack just a little too easy.

[Toto showroom Japanese toilet control panel photo by Chris 73 via Wikimedia]