Solved: Is that a time traveler on a cell phone in a Charlie Chaplin movie?

Searches for information on an alleged time traveler spotted by a Belfast filmmaker in an old Charlie Chaplin film are off the hook lately, because it is presented as “unexplainable” that the woman in the clip is apparently speaking on a mobile phone.

What I find to be the most puzzling piece of the story is that a grown man is not mortified to go on YouTube and announce to the world that he believes time travel is the most plausible explanation of the woman’s apparent cell phone usage in the movie. Time travel? You didn’t think maybe a small radio, hearing aid or conch shell first? Time travel is where your reasoning process leads here?

Anyway, internet masses, the clip does not conclusively prove (nor even suggest believably) that some poor time jumper was caught unawares while Charlie Chaplin filmed his latest blockbuster in the late 20s. An astute user on the snopes message boards posted this image of 1920s hearing aids that reveals the likely nature of the woman’s “cell phone.” (And a YouTube commenter pointed out that googling “siemens 1924 hearing aid” or “siemens 1924 hearing aid” will yield a similar result.

Below that is the clip of the alleged time traveler- were you convinced?

siemens 1924 hearing aid