Ke$ha Debuts Penis Pendants, Jewelry Already Selling Out Online

Leave it to pop star Ke$ha to develop a popular line of penis pendants.

If you’re a fan of the singer, then her recent collection of phallic jewelry really shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. The girl is known for pushing the proverbial envelope, so selling a penis that you can wear around your neck seems like the next logical step in her career.

Say what you will about her bizarre necklaces, but at least Ke$ha is trying to separate herself from the herd. Instead of designing jewelry that could easily get lost in the celebrity bauble shuffle, she decided to create something that is easily recognizable.

The gamble appears to be paying off. According to reports, the singer’s line of peculiar jewelry is selling buckets online. Not bad for a singer who once claimed to drink her own pee.

However, the penis pendants aren’t the only accessory Ke$ha currently has available to purchase. Her collection also includes mother-of-pearl skulls, human teeth, and spiked bracelets. What’s even more surprising is that these items are shockingly affordable.

Fans can purchase a phallic necklace from the so-called Kesha Rose by Charles Albert collection for around $20. Instead reaching into their wallets, purses, and pocketbooks for a substantial amount of cash, the pop star is currently offering these items at a fair price.

Curious to see the singer’s collection? The official website has a ton of photographs available for perusal. Since the jewelry features penis-shaped pendants, you might want to think about who’s in the vicinity before checking them out.

To round out this very peculiar article, let’s discuss Ke$ha’s penchant for using dinosaur speak when she’s not in the mood to talk to her assistant. The star recently told Heat magazine that she often employs the language when she’s feeling a little weird.

“Sometimes, when I’m really tired, I refuse to talk, and my assistant will try to wake me up and I’ll only speak in dinosaur or meow, so she has to meow and make dinosaur noises,” the singer explained.

She added, “I’ve made her walk down the bus like a T-Rex and then I yell at her if she’s not doing it good enough. It’s just a series of obnoxious noises.”

What do you think about the penis pendants Ke$ha is currently offering online? Are you surprised that the collection is selling out?

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