Mysterious Pentagram Spotted In Remote Region Of Kazakhstan

Pentagram Spotted Kazakhstan

A mysterious pentagram was spotted in an isolated region of Kazakhstan recently. And massive etched symbol has caused confusion and spawned several conspiracy theories.

However, the true explanation for the strange pentagram is quite simple. The symbol is located on the southern shore of the Upper Tobol Reservoir and there are barely any signs of human habitation surrounding it.

But that is because the region is filled with ancient archaeological ruins, many of which have yet to be explored. Yahoo! News explains that the pentagram has been used by many non-Satanic cultures and religious groups over the years.

Along with its adoption by Wiccans and Christians, it has also been linked to Freemasons, Mesopotamians, and Pythagoreans. But the symbol, which is about 1,200 feet in diameter, likely has a newer history.

Emma Usmanova, an archaeologist who has worked in the region for a number of years, explained that the star is actually the outline of a park made in the form of a star. The star was a popular symbol to use in the Soviet era, which Kazakhstan is no stranger to, notes LiveScience.

The country was part of the former Soviet Union until it was dissolved in 1991. Stars were a common symbol to see around the Soviet Union. They decorated several things, including buildings, flags, and monuments.

The explanation backs up what some online comments suggested, though they believed the mysterious pentagram was an abandoned Soviet-era campground.

The site is now abandoned and overgrown with weeds. But because the roadways were lined with trees, the overgrowth gives it a more distinct pentagram shape in aerial photos. The symbol was first discovered on Google Maps and several online comments linked the Kazakhstan pentagram with devil worship and hell.

However, a curious resident nearby ventured out to the site recently and discovered it is really just a park. Photos of the journey can be found here.

Are you disappointed to hear the mysterious pentagram has a perfectly normal explanation?

[Image via Google Maps]