Chris Rock As Batman, Comic Tweets He’s In Serious Contention

Chris Rock Batman

Will Chris Rock play the role of Batman in the upcoming Warner Bros. Batman/Superman vehicle to be directed by Zack Snyder? The studio has already said that they want a veteran in the role opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman.

But I’m not sure Chris Rock was the veteran that most of us had in mind.

On Saturday evening, he tweeted this important message: “Just got my second callback to be the new Batman fingers crossed.”

Well, that knocked me off my perch. And I asked a few other fine folks, and they all had the same response.

“Chris Rock will not be playing Batman.” But what do they know?

Here at The Inquisitr we’ve already floated a few suggestions for the part.

The candidates have ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Yeah, the ridiculous one might be you, Beyoncé. The world is not ready for a female Batman. It just doesn’t have the same swing.

And earlier today Patricia Didelot suggested several more serious suggestions, including Richard Armitage. The 6’2 actor was recently seen as leader of the dwarves in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. But, lordy, what a dwarf!

But the more I think about it, the more I figure that Chris Rock wouldn’t be such an awful choice for Batman.

The 48-year-old comic genius currently starring in Grown Ups 2 isn’t the first name to come to my mind. Rock is comedy gold and has been ever since the Saturday Night Live days.

But heck…maybe it’s time for him to branch out. Maybe the world is ready for Chris Rock to play a superhero. Why not Batman?

On the other hand, maybe the whole concept is just Rock’s idea of a joke.

The man does love to tweet out a rare and occasional troll from time to time, just to keep the fans on their toes.

But I think I might actually like to see Chris Rock play Batman.

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