Justin Bieber iPhone Reveals Its Secrets On ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ [Video]

Justin Bieber Not Involved In Brawl, Says Rep

Justin Bieber’s iPhone on junk moment sparked acres of comment. This we know. But it turns out it also got Jimmy Fallon thinking: Just what did it see during its brief encounter with the superstar’s jewels?

Fallon, a longtime media “bro” to the shirtless one, took on the hot topic in his opening monologue on his Friday show.

Bieber’s headline making move took place earlier this week, as fans at one of his N.J. Believe tour concerts continued to throw objects at the stage after he repeatedly asked them to stop.

Enter stage left, an IPhone.

Bieber’s exasperated response: “I said, don’t throw stuff on stage and this is what they, they throw a phone a stage.”

Seconds later he told the Prudential Center audience: “You know what, I do need a new iPhone,” before stuffing the device in his drop-crotch leather pants.

Describing the teen singer as “acting crazy again,” Fallon somehow even managed to work the unfortunate Anthony Weiner into his spiel.

Quipping that an on-screen flash of a neutered male doll was a picture of Bieber’s privates, Fallon then announced the show had secured an “exclusive” with the iPhone.

Fallon: Hi Siri. So Justin Bieber stuffed you down his pants, that must have been the biggest experience of your life?

Siri: Actually it wasn’t that big.

Fallon: Well, how long were you down there?

Siri: It wasn’t very long.

Fallon: Well, either way it must have been a pretty hairy situation.

Siri: No, I did not see any hairs.

It was pretty funny.

Meanwhile, in other Bieber news the hitmaker has now left New York. During his visit he played three shows, inspired teenage frenzy amid reports of pizza and hot chocolate send-outs and much picture taking with fans, nightclub malarkey — and the debut of his (almost) full tattoo sleeve.

Despite a scathing Associated Press review of his Wednesday N.J. show, which accused the 19-year-old of “phoning” in an at times “lip-synced,” “bored” performance, there were some high points for the pop prince.

His 2010 signature hit “Baby” achieved Diamond status this week after going 12x platinum and is now the biggest selling digital single in American music history, following the inclusion of streaming data to record sales. He also featured in the new adidas NEO Fall/Winter 2013 campaign.

The Canadian was presented with the award at his second N.J., show by his manager, Scooter Braun.

More than likely due to his full week, weathering recent dubious spitting accusations and collateral flak from a tour bus drug bust, Bieber admitted he was “tired” after his Brooklyn concert on Friday.

The singer is scheduled to perform at Columbia, S.C’s., Colonial Life Arena on Monday.

[Image via Just Jared]