Pat Robertson: Video Games Murder Same As Real Murder [Video]

Pat Robertson: Video Games Murder Same As Real Murder

For Pat Robertson, video games murder is the same as real murder.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Pat Robertson’s advice for haunted houses is to “burn down the house” and move away. Pat Robertson also claims Trayvon Martin’s hoodie is to blame for the shooting by George Zimmerman.

Pat Robertson’s video games murder comments were prompted a viewer who had a question about the Bible. The viewer wanted to know about “virtual sins” in video games, asking if God sees these sins as real if they take place in a virtual setting.

Despite never having played a video game, for Pat Robertson video games murder is real murder in the eyes of the Lord:

“Jesus said, ‘if you look upon a woman with thoughts lust in your heart, you’ve committed adultery with her. ‘ So that’s a virtual sin…. I think mayhem, killing, Grand Theft Auto, they get pretty bizarre. So if you’re murdering somebody in cyberspace in a sense you’re performing the act, whether you like it or not.”

Last month, Pat Robertson linked teen suicide to “demonic” video games, drawing the ire of many. Various other Christians are likely to disagree with Pat Robertson’s video games opinion. For example, some of the founding members of Christian Developers Network and the Christian Game Developers Conference have worked on first person shooters. Even some of the video game developers at ID software, known for its Quake and Doom series, are Christians.

Do you agree with Pat Robertson’s video game opinion that virtual murder is like real murder?