Water Bottles May Cause Premature Aging

Todd Rigney

If the very idea of premature wrinkles keeps you up into the wee hours of the night, then you may want to stay away from water bottles.

The convenience of having water around at all times could come at a price. According to cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Mitchell Chasin, water bottles are wreaking havoc on your face.

"The repetitive motions of things that we do in everyday life -- drinking from water bottles -- will form these deep wrinkles in our lips," he recently explained.

The premature aging caused by water bottles might be taking its toll on your skin, but doctors probably aren't complaining too much. The number of people who are undergoing procedures to reverse the damage seems to be on the rise.

However, there are solutions to the problem. If you insist on consuming water from bottles, Dr. Chasin recommends using a straw or drinking out of a cup. Both of these alternative could prevent wrinkles from setting in.

"We tell our patients, keep on drinking, it's great for your body it's great for your health, it's great for your skin. Unfortunately, over time it either causes these lines or it aggravates them," he explained.

There are currently a number of painless procedures available to those who are looking to get rid of water bottle wrinkles. Botox, fillers, and laser technology are currently being used by dermatologists to reverse the premature aging process.

Dr. Marilyn Berzin says the wrinkles caused by drinking out of these containers isn't unlike the problems smokers have been facing for decades. She added that it only takes around two years of repetitive motion for these deep lines to set in.

"When you're drinking from a water bottle, you're pretty much making the same face as you are when you're smoking a cigarette," Dr. Berzin explained. Some experts believe that drinking from bottles is the equivalent of smoking three packs of cigarettes a day.

Do you use water bottles on a regular basis? Are you concerned about premature aging?

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