Bulgarian Bear Could Go Blind After Blue Paint Zoo Attack

Bulgarian paint

A bulgarian bear could go blind after he was covered in blue paint by an unknown visitor to the zoo.

The incident occurred at Varna Zoo, which is located near the coast of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Staff at the Zoo were alerted to the abuse by a group of children who were visiting Svoboda at the bear enclosure.

Zoo officials still don’t know who was behind the attack, or what their motive was, but fears are now growing that Svoboda might lose his eye.

Vets are concerned that the liquid has damaged the eyesight in his left eye, as half of the brown bear’s face was coated in the paint. Vets looked to shave away the paint-encrusted fur that was around his eye, before they then examined the animal.

Even though they have now shaved the bear, there are still clearly remnants of paint on his face, and the creature clearly looks weary after his ordeal.

The bear now also has a large patch of bare skin on his face, where his fur was removed. However, the team behind the removal of the paint have stated that they’re hopeful that his eye has been cleaned out in time, and that there is no chance of any permanent damage to his eyesight.

Despite this horrific incident, there have still been many heartwarming tales featuring animals this year. In February a disabled piglet was provided with a wheelchair after he was born without the use of his hind legs.

The nifty custom-built wheelchair helped the Florida born pig, Chris P Bacon, move around seamlessly, after Len Lucero, a veterinarian, decided to build the contraption for the pig from a toy kit. In March, a blind dog was also provided with his own guide dog.

What do you think should happen to those responsible for Svoboda’s injury?

[Image via KOUNADEAS IOANNHS/Shutterstock]