Animal Control Hoax: Pet Abductions Plague Indiana Town

Animal Control Hoax Feared In Indiana

An animal control hoax is under investigation in Fort Wayne, Indiana, after it was reported that a van in the area with “Animal Care” written on the side had been seen patrolling the area where a series of pet abductions had occurred.

According to, pets have been reported missing in the city of Fort Wayne at an alarming rate with Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control officials believing the “Animal Care” van may be to blame.

The van, officials said, is white with the two words imprinted in bold, black letters on one side. The shape was described as “short in length and round,” the report stated.

The van has been spotted driving slowly through areas where the abductions occurred. Pets have been reported missing from backyards in the northwest area of the city.

The FWACC emphasized that the animal control hoax van was not associated with the organization.

Officials are urging pet owners in the area to stay with their pets while outside, and if they haven’t done so yet, to consider micro-chipping for permanent identification.

“If you are missing a pet, come into Animal Care and Control, look through our kennels, file a lost report. Watch Craigslist, watch eBay, and be sure your pet is not showing up there,” said Belinda Lewis, director of FWACC.

While the method for pet abduction is certainly unique, it is not that uncommon for people to pose as animal control officers in relieving pet owners of their animals. In fact, this case is somewhat reminiscent of a 2011 case in Austin, Texas.

A bit more on that here:

Earlier this month, The Inquisitr reported on the act of “pet flipping,” which involves stealing and then selling beloved animals. The practice is currently on the rise throughout the country, particularly in or around major cities.

Three such cities that have been affected include Kansas City, Philadelphia, and a second Indiana city (Indianapolis).

Have you heard of any schemes similar to the Fort Wayne animal control hoax in your area? If so, warn others in the comments section.

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