Blind Man Cures Blindness By Falling Down Stairs

Blind man cured

A blind man from Canada miraculously cured his blindness, after falling down a flight of stairs.

68-year-old, Pierre-Paul Thomas, who was born blind. and expected to live without vision until his death, accidentally fell down the stairs in his home two years ago.

Mr Thomas’ fall saw him end up in the hospital with several fractures around his eye sockets. However, when a surgeon looked to treat him, they suddenly realised that his blindness was actually curable.

The incident occurred in his Montreal apartment, and whilst consulting a plastic surgeon, the surgeon told and asked Mr Thomas, “Oh, while we’re at it, do you want us to fix your eyes, too?”

Thomas was, of course, shocked by the declaration as he didn’t think that this was possible. Thomas was born with congenital nystagmus, which is a condition that makes the individual’s eyes move from side to side involuntarily. He then furthered injured his eyes due to the damage on his optic nerves and cataracts.

Dr Dev Cheema, the head of ophthalmology clinic at Montreal General Hospital, stated that it was actually Thomas’ cataracts that rendered him blind, so all that was needed was to remove them.

Cheema remarked, “It feels great to do something like this. There’s always a positive story to tell when it comes to ophthamology.”

Thomas has embraced his new found vision, and he has noted that he suddenly feels like a child all over again. He stated, “I find everything beautiful. Faces, skin – I find it all beautiful.”

However, there have been some side effects to finally being able to see. Thomas is still very confused by colors, and the first time he stepped out on his balcony, the drop down to the ground left him with vertigo. Overall, Thomas is ecstatic though, as he noted, “Before this everything was grey.”

[Image via Lisa S/Shutterstock]