Cheerleader Megan Welter Arrested For Assault [Video]

A few days ago Megan Welter was praised by the national media for being an Iraq war veteran in addition to being a beautiful cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals. Well, there’s a different story circulating about Welter today. The cheerleader was arrested last month for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend.

According to Fox 10, Welter was arrested on July 20 on charges of assault, criminal damage, and disorderly conduct.

Welter and her unidentified boyfriend were celebrating her birthday at a bar in Scottsdale when they got into an argument. The couple, who have reportedly been dating for six months, continued their fight after they returned home.

The police report says that the argument turned physical as Welter hit and scratched her boyfriend.

Welter told police that her boyfriend attacked her first. The cheerleader said that her boyfriend is a “professional fighter” and that he had “smashed her head into a tile” and then used a “choke hold with his legs.”

Police, however, say that there were no marks on Welter’s body.

The boyfriend has not been identified yet but he did release a statement to WT3: “People make mistakes, no one is perfect. I honestly want the best for her and I hope that this doesn’t take away from the good things that she has done for both the NFL, as well as the service to our country. People seem to only remember the bad and it is easy to point fingers while standing on the outside. Now with that said, violence is never the answer and I honestly hope that this can be a learning experience for her and everyone else.”

Here’s a video showing officers arriving on the scene.

Here’s a video report about the incident.