Tyra Banks And Bow Wow Dating? Duo Share Kiss On 106 & Park [Video]

tyra banks

Tyra Banks and Bow Wow got people talking this week after they shared a kiss on the music video show 106 & Park.

Banks was a guest on the show and host Bow Wow quickly started flirting with the supermodel. Tyra obviously didn’t mind as she threw her legs over Bow Wow and moved in for a kiss.

The romantic moment had some people wondering if Tyra and Bow Wow had started dating. The two celebrities haven’t confirmed or denied their relationship but it appears that the romance is strictly for television. Bow Wow and Tyra Banks also kissed on Tyra’s show back in 2009.

The supermodel showed the clip to the audience on 106 & Park, saying: “We have serious history… He had a little crush on me and was hitting me up on Twitter nonstop. I think he was talking about wanting to know what my lips taste like and stuff.”

After showing the clip, Bow Wow freshened up and got prepared for round two.

Bow Wow said: “I kissed Tyra Banks on national TV. Not once, but twice… Now I’m going to tell you what makes it so special… I went to her crib and kissed her but then she came to my house on a whole ‘nother network and kissed me again. How many of y’all can say you kissed Tyra Banks twice on the lips? I’m feeling good.”

Here’s the clip of Tyra Banks and Bow Wow kissing on 106 & Park.

[Image Via Instagram]