Aubrey Sacco Nepal Disappearance: Suspects Arrested In Three Year Old Missing Trekker Cold Case

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Aubrey Sacco disappeared in northern Nepal in April 2010 without a trace during a solo hike. However, the 23-year-old Greeley, Colorado trekker’s missing persons case may have had a breakthrough yesterday.

On Thursday, police in Nepal announced that they had arrested two men suspected of being involved in the crime. The Himalayan Times said that the two men were being questioned in Rasuwa near the area where Aubrey Sacco vanished.

There aren’t a lot of details yet on the men or their motives. Even their names don’t seem to be revealed, at least not in English media sources.

The family has visited Nepal several times to put pressure on the authorities to find out what happened to Sacco. The original case was bungled. Her father Paul Sacco himself discovered items belonging to his daughter in May 2011. They had been left in her hotel room and included a laptop that had presumably not been checked since her disappearance from the area over a year before.

In the past, the Aubrey Sacco search led only to dead ends. Almost three years after her disappearance, an update on her missing persons website from her mother Connie Sacco noted that, “Aubrey’s case truly remains a mystery.”

Both the US Embassy and the Nepalese police had promised to investigate. However, civil unrest in Nepal seemed to draw much attention away from the search for the missing trekker.

In spring 2013, the family’s website said that the authorities were working more harmoniously again, giving them hope that more attention could be paid to the cold case.

The Daily Camera reached out to the family, who admitted that the Nepal police had not informed them of the arrests. “We’re kind of in shock,” Aubrey’s father Paul Sacco said in a phone interview with DC.

Sacco added: “We have some very good people working on this case, and when they tell me this [arrest happened] then I’ll believe it. We’ve learned to be very cautious about these reports.”

But, for the first time, there’s genuine hope that Aubrey Sacco’s disappearance in Nepal might be solved.

Aubrey Sacco suspects caught

[Aubrey Sacco photo via her missing person website]
[Himalayas photo credit: ilkerender via photopin cc]