‘Akira’ Remake Is Back On The Table At Warner Bros.

Akira Warner Bros.

After being kicked around for several years, it would appear that the Akira remake is back on the table over at Warner Bros.

Fans of the beloved anime have been extremely worried about what the studio will do to the classic Japanese sci-fi flick. Although many were relieved when the project was put on the back burner not too long ago, anxiety is likely to start bubbling up once again.

Details about the project are sketchy at the moment but it would appear that House of Wax and Orphan director Jaume Collet-Serra is on-board for the project.

The filmmaker definitely knows his way around an action flick — his 2011 effort Unknown was much better than expected — but fans of Akira wonder if a live-action remake is even necessary. Since the story is getting filtered through the Hollywood system, many are concerned that the project will be filled with American actors.

While Jaume Collet-Serra may not be your first choice to direct the flick, he’s certainly better than the team Warner Bros. was reportedly considering not too long ago. For some strange reason, the studio wanted Catfish masterminds Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman to put together a low-budget version of the tale. Thankfully, this never happened.

If producers are interested in getting Akira supporters to actually watch the remake, then they’re going to have to pay some fan service. At the end of the day, fan boys and girls are the ones who will end up making or breaking this feature.

Since Collet-Serra is currently piecing together Run All Night with Unknown star Liam Neeson, production may not begin until 2014. This means the proposed Akira remake probably won’t show up until 2015. Casting and scripting details are currently unknown.

Akira will tell the story of a biker in New Manhattan who is tasked with saving his psychic friend from the clutches of the government. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson Killoran, and Andrew Lazar will produce the flick while original director Katsuhiro Otomo will serve as an executive producer.

What do you think about the Akira remake that Warner Bros. is putting together?