‘inFamous: Second Son’: Sucker Punch Talks ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ [Video]

The latest trailer for inFamous: Second Son has Sucker Punch talking about smoke.

For those who aren’t aware, inFamous was the PlayStation 3’s version of the Xbox 360 killer IP Prototype, in this case featuring a man who can use elements around him as super powers. In inFamous: Second Son, the third game in the series and much like the first two, you fly about Seattle and wreck stuff, and channel different powers.

inFamous: Second Son centers on the shenanigans of Deslin Rowe, who discovers he has the same gifts as Cole McGrath.

According to the good ending to inFamous 2, Cole McGrath activated the Ray Field Inhibitor in an effort to destroy the Beast, and it exploded. The Beast was a conduit, or super human, named John White. All conduits, some of which survived the RFI explosion, are considered terrorists now, and you’ll probably have the military on your back for most of the game as you dodge bullets and grenades, and teleport to take soldiers down with ease just using your smoke powers.

Deslin Rowe’s main weapon will be a chain he keeps wrapped around his arm, which can be altered with the powers he grabs from fellow conduits in inFamous: Second Son.

Sucker Punch‘s developers talk about the game’s smoke powers, as one of said developers starts out, “The super hard part is making something that’s soft like smoke feel like it’s got that impact.”

'inFamous: Second Son' smoke powers

Horia Docui, the art director, says, “Our main character [Deslin Rowe] has basically the coolest power. It’s like going up to a genie and asking for more wishes.”

Darren Bridges, a game designer, says of inFamous: Second Son, “What happens is when he’s near other conduits, he picks up their ability. The first part of that gift is the smoke power. That means he can drain it, he can turn into it, and he can project it. When you think about where [smoke is] in a city, you think of maybe chimneys, fires…”

Mark Wood, a visual effects artist, adds, “You can get smoke from vehicles in this game, but you have to destroy them first.”

What do you think of the latest trailer for inFamous: Second Son? What kind of conduit power are you looking forward to?