Has Newsweek thrown the gag around Dan Lyons?

Dan Lyons aka Fake Steve Jobs is well known for his abrasive style posts where no-one is immune from his sarcastic wit that can cut to the bone at times. All the time he was working at Forbes and writing under his FSJ persona the world was treated to some great writing. Now though with him working for Newsweek things seem to have changed and not for the better.

Case in point was a post he wrote yesterday about the ouster of Jerry Yang that was a great reminder of why his Fake Steve Jobs blog became as famous as it did. Unfortunately his masters at Newsweek didn't seem to be in agreement and as a result his Jerry Yang out post has turned into a 404 page

So what was it that was so bad about Dan's post? Well lucky for you I just happen to have a copy saved in my feed reader which you can now read in its entirety below

And Chairman Roy Bostock says it's the right time for this to happen. I only wish you could have been on the phone for my conversation just — what — a month ago, when the same Roy Bostock swore up and down to me that Jerry Yang wasn't going anywhere because he was absolutely the greatest leader the world has ever known. "Nobody knows this company better than Jerry Yang," said Roy. "Jerry is the right person to continue to lead Yahoo." Roy also insisted that Yahoo did the right thing by passing up Microsoft's offer, even though the stock now stands at one-third the price Ballmer had offered to pay. See that story here. I'd never dealt much with Yahoo before, and I was stunned by their PR operators — they're really an unsavory bunch. During that same reporting this crack team of lying sacks of shit put one of Yahoo's attorneys in Washington on the phone to tell me, over and over, the true "inside story" of what was going on with the Google deal, which was, he informed me, that the deal with Google was a sure thing, definitely going to happen, no way in hell is the deal not going to happen, there are no real objections from the regulators, they're fine with it, the objections from advertisers are not an issue, blah blah blah. Then that deal fell apart. And now Jerry Yang is out on his ass. The take-away: Do not believe a word that Yahoo says. Ever.

One more thing: Will Microsoft come back to the table? And how much will they pay?

Like they say - on the Internet nothing ever really disappears. As Paul Boutin asked in his post about this
We can't think of a single Fake Steve Jobs post that Dan redacted while at Forbes. Can you?
Well can you?