Paula Patton: Exposing Her Boobies Is ‘For The Art Always’

Paula Patton had a warning to husband Robin Thicke and other members of her family who attended the 2 Guns premiere in New York on Monday night. The 37-year-old Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol star known for her large assets probably didn’t shock anyone when she informed them that, “You’re gonna see boobies.”

Patton had a surprisingly frank discussion on the Today show yesterday with Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb about being topless in 2 Guns even though her own mother supposedly told her to never take her bra off again after having a child. The three women get pretty giggly in the video.

Paula Patton said that she actually had the idea to get mostly naked for 2 Guns herself — and that co-star Denzel Washington was surprised with how much skin she wanted to expose.

She also revealed that she liked the now-notorious nudity in her husband’s smash-hit music video Blurred Lines. She even took credit for egging him on, suggesting that the reason people go to art museums like the Louvre was thanks to nude women.

Maybe. But does that mean that Paula Patton just called 2 Guns and Blurred Lines art? So all of us frantically trying to find that video footage of the 2 Guns bondage scene are just some high-minded art lovers, right?


Here’s a trailer for 2 Guns:

An E! Online report noted Patton and Thicke attended the premiere Monday night with her mother. Before the film started, she told E! that it was the first time her husband had seen the footage on the big screen — and the first time her mother had seen it at all.

“I just said, ‘Mom, you’re gonna see my boobies.’” But she added again, “It’s for the art always.”

You know what? I think it’s official. Paula Patton thinks her boobies are art.

[Robin Thicke and Paula Patton photo credit: Capital M via photopin cc]