Mark Kessler Suspended: YouTube Famous F-Bombing Police Chief’s Job Under Fire

Police chief Mark Kessler has been suspended for 30 days from his job in Gilberton, Pennsylvania after a 5 to 1 vote from the Gilberton Borough Council on Wednesday night. That’s the report today from Penn Live, which added that Kessler said, “I make no apologies” for the incident that led to the police chief being furloughed without pay.

If you haven’t met Chief Mark Kessler before, you’re in for a treat. The f-bomb spewing, automatic weapons-firing police chief has said that he wants to raise awareness of gun rights.

Sure, he formed the mandatory political organization and held the usual rallies.

But Kessler really shot to fame as a result of a series of YouTube videos where he fires automatic weapons seemingly at random and rants in profane language about everyone from Secretary of State John Kerry to so-called “libtards” in general.

You can see some of most recent videos by clicking right here.

Kessler has always maintained that he broke no law in making the videos. His swearing is protected free speech. Apparently the gunplay is also legit under Pennsylvania state law thanks to his rural location.

However, the Gilberton Borough Council were able to take the action to suspend Kessler because he used borough property in the videos.

The weapons fired in the videos had been donated to the borough — ironically by Kessler himself. Therefore, he wasn’t free to use them in the YouTube videos without getting permission first.

On his Facebook page, Kessler stated:

“I would like to thank everyone who showed up today in support of our constitution, sadly I was suspended for thirty days, now this is where it is about to get very interesting, COUNCILMAN ERIC BOXER (D), COUNCILMAN DANIEL MALLOY (D), MAYOR MARY LOU HANNON (R) are going to have me terminated during my thirty day suspension.”

But not all so-called fans of the page were sympathetic with the possibility that Kessler might lose his job. Facebook poster Michael Tibbins commented, “You should be thrown in jail and have a little visit from the Secret Service.”

What are your thoughts on Police Chief Mark Kessler’s suspension?

[Mark Kessler girls and guns photo via Mark Kessler’s Facebook page]