February 6, 2014
Middlesex Deputy Shot In Hospital Emergency Room After Prisoner Grabs Gun

A Middlesex deputy was shot Wednesday at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary when a prisoner being transported to the hospital tried to grab the officer's gun.

The incident took place in the hospital's emergency department just before noon, forcing the department to close for six hours. The Middlesex County deputy sheriff and a correctional officer were transporting the prisoner, who tried to grab a gun.

"Inside the emergency room, as the handcuffs were being taken off the suspect, he began to struggle for a gun. There was a fight.... The two individuals fell to the floor and a round was fired," said Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis.

Witnesses described a scuffle as the correctional officer and Middlesex deputy tried to wrestle the prisoner to the ground.

"I heard them trying to control somebody first and then I heard shouting and then I heard the gunshots. It was at least four to six," said one witness.

The Middlesex deputy was shot in the leg, and the correctional officer then shot the prisoner in the chest. The prisoner, identified as Raymond K. Wallace, was listed in critical condition at Massachusetts General Hospital.

"I have spoken to the two deputies involved and their families and I am grateful that they are both safe and being well cared for after this traumatic incident," said Middlesex County Sheriff Peter Koutoujian. "The Middlesex Sheriff's Office will work with Boston Police as they conduct their investigation into this matter."

Though parts of the hospital remained on lockdown for hours, sheriff's deputies and hospital officials assured the public that there was no ongoing risk.

"We are very confident that the Mass. Eye and Ear emergency room is safe tonight," said Jennifer Street, the hospital vice president for communications.

Boston detectives interviewed witnesses and have partnered with the Suffolk district attorney's office to investigate the shooting.

The Middlesex deputy was listed in stable condition after the shooting.