Robin Thicke: ‘Blurred Lines’ Is A ‘Feminist Movement’

Robin Thicke is still riding high from the huge success of “Blurred Lines,” but the crooner insists that the song’s lyrics have been misconstrued.

In an interview with GQ after the video was banned from YouTube, Thicke said, “We tried to do everything that was taboo. Bestiality, drug injections, and everything that is completely derogatory towards women.”

Thicke went on to say that he, T.I., and Pharrell were the perfect people to do such a video because they were all married with children. But Thicke didn’t exactly help his cause when he said, “People say, ‘Hey, do you think this is degrading to women?’ I’m like, ‘Of course it is. What a pleasure it is to degrade a woman. I’ve never gotten to do that before. I’ve always respected women.’”

Between that and “rapey” lyrics like, “That’s why I’m gonna take a good girl/I know you want it,” critics took something that Thicke called “a bad joke” and turned it into something negative.

“The idea was when we made this song, we had nothing but the most respect for women. I mean, I’ve been with the same woman since I was a teenager,” Thicke said. “For us, we were just trying to make a funny song and sometimes the lyrics can get misconstrued when you’re just trying to put people on the dance floor and have a good time. We had no idea that it would stir this much controversy. We only had the best intentions.”

Thicke added, “If you listen to the lyrics, it says, ‘That man is not your maker.’ It’s actually a feminist movement within itself. It’s saying that women and men are equals as animals and as power. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good girl or a bad girl, you can still have a good time.”

What do you think of Robin Thicke calling “Blurred Lines” a “feminist movement?”

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