Starbucks Connecting To Google WiFi At 7,000 Locations

Starbucks will start using Google Wi-Fi at 7,000 locations across the United States.

The Washington Post reports that the new service, which will start rolling out this August, will reportedly be 10 times faster than the current Starbucks Wi-Fi provided by AT&T. The service will be provided free to customers.

Kevin Lo writes on the official Google Blog that the company was also working on a new version of Starbucks Digital Network. The SDN was created in 2010 through a partnership with Yahoo to provide Starbucks customers with news and entertainment.

Lo writes: “Coffee shop + Internet—it’s a pairing that many of us have come to rely on. WiFi access makes work time, downtime, travel time and lots of in-between times more enjoyable and productive… The free Internet connection at Starbucks has become an important part of many communities over the years, such as in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, or for students without Internet at home who do their homework at Starbucks.”

PC Mag reports that Google and Starbucks will be working with Level 3 Communications to upgrade 7,000 stores over the next 18 months.

Starbucks chief digital officer Adam Brotman said in a statement: “Every day, our customers rely on the free Wi-Fi at Starbucks to study, work, connect with friends or just relax. We want to make sure that they can access the Web effortlessly and quickly, no matter what they’re doing, or what device they are using.”