Armed George Zimmerman Stopped For Speeding In Texas

George Zimmerman was pulled over Saturday in Texas for speeding and was armed at the time of the traffic stop.

The news of the latest George Zimmerman sighting broke via TMZ as the site learned that the newly free man had been involved in the brief brush with Forney, Texas cops from a police report.

Global Grind quotes the blog as noting that Zimmerman was allegedly speeding and prompted the officer interaction — and that the Sanford resident informed the police he had a gun in the glove box:

“[George Zimmerman] informed them he had a firearm in his glove compartment. Zimmerman was given a warning, after cops determined he was free of warrants. He was sent on his way with a polite goodbye, ‘Have a safe trip.’ “

Zimmerman is also said to have asked the officers if they “recognized him from TV.”

While the gun carried by Zimmerman at the time of the Texas traffic stop and sighting is not the one used to shoot and kill unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, we learned shortly after the trial that an Ohio gun group had pledged to buy George a replacement gun because his other one was still in evidence.

And while guns are pricey, the Buckeye Firearms Foundation ultimately raised more than $12,000 to purchase George Zimmerman a new weapon — adding that the group didn’t care how he spent the money.

TMZ adds:

“BTW… law enforcement tells TMZ… he was NOT wearing a disguise… it was full blown George Zimmerman.”

Prior to George Zimmerman’s armed traffic stop, he was sighted a mile away from Sanford allegedly helping a local family after a car crash.