Don’t Park Like A Jerk Video Thrills Internet Vicariously

If you or someone you love tends to park like a jerk, there are organizations that can help you move past the jerkery and learn to park like a reasonable human being.

Actually, there aren’t. But parking like a jerk has other consequences — namely, people who park alongside you every day and tire of your insistence on acting like your car is so special it deserves both two spaces and to inconvenience all the other parkers will upload your ensuing tantrum and post it to the internet.

And we will all laugh at you, jerk parker.

The “don’t park like a jerk” video came to us via Gawker and Reddit, and the clip (while mild) is clearly serving as proxy revenge for all the inconsiderateness to which we’ve collectively been exposed recently.

Maybe someone at Starbucks used up all the milk and left the empty thermos for you to find during a peak period. Maybe someone peed all over the seat at Panera and you had to wipe it up. Or maybe, like these guys, all the spots at work were taken and some jerk blocked the only empty one left so no one parked next to his precious car.

Either way, you can think of the Starbucks self-centered or the Panera pee-er as you watch the six minute video featuring a guy who parks like a jerk and the slightly irritating but still not call out-able revenge people who work in the same building took to staunch the jerklike behavior.

Watch above as the jerk parking jerk has to figure out how to deal with the consequences of his own jerk parking. And tell the barista if you finish off the half and half.