Ben Stiller’s ‘The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty’ First Trailer

Ben Stiller’s new directorial effort The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty has released an impressive first trailer.

The film is based on a 1939 novel of the same name by James Thurber. Stiller plays Walter Mitty a LIFE Magazine employee who daydreams about leading a life much more exciting than his own.

Kristen Wiig, Sean Penn, Shirley MacLaine, Kathryn Hahn, and Adam Scott star alongside Stiller.

In the remake of the 1947 film, Stiller stars as a LIFE Magazine proofreader who is incapable of standing up for himself in the real world and retreats to a fantasy where he becomes his poised, confident opposite.

Ben Stiller discussed how his version of The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty is different from the 1947 one at the Tribeca Film Festival,

“It’s kind of its own tone. There’s definitely comedy in it, but what I liked about Steve Conrad’s script was that he was in touch with the emotion of this story.”

The film’s unique take made it difficult for Stiller to pitch to 20th Century Fox initially.

“I keep referring to Forrest Gump, because it wasn’t a big comedy, really, but it also made a ha-zillion dollars. I’m trying to do two things at once: make a movie that brings in a lot of people, but also one that will be really good, and will last,” he said.

Even though it is a bit premature, there is already Oscar talk about Sitller’s latest project. The trailer has been very well received and if that’s any indication we could see it receiving some Academy nominations.

Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men gives the trailer the feel of something completely different to the big blockbusters we’ve been used to this summer.

If you are waiting for a film which explores life’s trials and tribulations, this might be just what you are looking for.

Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty opens in theaters on Christmas Day.

[Image via Jiyang Chen/Wikipedia]