Lemonade Stand Run By Autistic Boy Allowed Inside Restaurant

A lemonade stand run by an autistic boy has been allowed to operate inside a restaurant.

Earlier this month, a lemonade stand in Baton Rouge was busted when a female resident claimed the boy and his siblings were being too loud and yelling outside a restaurant, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. The resident tried to buy them off for five dollars and when that didn’t work, police were called and the homemade stand was shut down because the autistic boy didn’t have a permit. The lemonade stand had been set up to raise money for the Sick Kids hospital in Toronto.

In a recent turn of good will, the autistic boy Corbin Potter and his sisters Brigit and Danika are being given the chance to sell their lemonade inside the restaurant. The owners of the restaurant read about their plight in the Toronto Sun and decided to give the kids another chance.

On August 13, the restaurant will open its doors to the autistic boy and his sisters to allow them to sell lemonade alongside the wait staff from 5pm to 8pm. The restaurant will make an effort to multiply the earnings and donate the proceeds to the Sick Kids hospital in Toronto.

Baton Rouge’s business development manager Ryan Grant had been shocked to read about the misfortune of the lemonade stand run by an autistic boy. After the restaurant agreed to work with the boy and his sisters, Ryan Grant said, “Everyone is pretty excited about it. We’ve had donations from staff, our head office and the franchisees are going to match whatever is raised so we can triple up whatever the Potter family can raise.”

About the restaurant’s allowance of the autistic boy and his sisters to sell the lemonade with them, mother Dawn Potter said, “I appreciate that we can do this. We can now turn to Corbin [Potter] and say, ‘You’re still able to raise money for the hospital that saved your cousins’ lives.'”

It’s great to see that there are still some understanding people among the business owners of the world to counter the bitter ones.

What do you think about the restaurant allowing the lemonade stand run by an autistic boy and his sisters to operate inside?