Bigfoot Spotted In Canada [Video]

Bigfooot has been spotted in Canada.

A new video taken by a couple hiking in the Canadian wilderness reportedly shows the legendary creature roaming through the forest. Bigfoot has been spotted several times in Canada over the last few years but, well, none of the sightings have been confirmed.

According to the Telegraph, the video was shot in Mission, British Columbia. A large hairy creature can be seen but like most Bigfoot videos the image is small and blurry.

Can you spot Bigfoot in the photo above? He’s right there. Right in the middle of the photo.

Big Foot may be small in the video but the website Legend Tracker is hoping that the footage is good enough to get a second look from experts.

The group writes on Youtube: “After putting out a request for sightings of Legends, we’ve narrowed down the submissions to two, this is one of them. This is amazing! A couple were hiking on a logging road above one of the lakes in Mission, BC, when taking photos of the scenic views they spotted something moving. Even though they were a fair distance away they were still able to zoom in enough to see something standing upright. Bear? Man? Something else?”

Do you think Bigfoot has finally been spotted? Here’s the video from Legend Tracker.