Saddam Sword Stolen, Returned To Iraq By US After Auction, But Is It Real?

Saddam’s sword was stolen only to be found again at a New Hampshire auction.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Saddam Hussein’s brother died while waiting execution. Now that Iraq has mostly settled down, Iraq’s oil boom is benefiting China and not the United States.

Saddam Hussein’s sword was 43 inches long, inlaid with gold Arabic writing, and featured an embellished blade. Saddam’s sword was stolen from Saddam Hussein’s office in the aftermath of the US and Iraq war.

Wired believes the blade claimed to be Saddam Hussein’s sword might be a fake. Various objects related to Saddam Hussein can be found on even eBay, but it’s nearly impossible to authenticate these items so it’s possible Saddam’s sword was a fake.

Saddam’s sword disappeared for years but eventually founds its way to the United States with an American combat historian. An auction company in New Hampshire sold Saddam’s sword for $15,000 only to have Homeland Security investigate.

Presumably, it was decided Saddam Hussein’s sword was not fake. The Department of Homeland Security decided that since Saddam’s sword was a gift and not a battlefield weapon it could not be considered a war trophy. DHS returned Saddam’s sword to Iraqi authorities, giving the blade to Iraq’s ambassador.

Do you think Saddam’s sword should have been given back to Iraq?