Spanish Radio Host ‘Piolin’ Accused Of Sexually Harassing Co-Star

Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo, host of Piolin Por La Manana, has been accused of sexually harassing one of his co-stars.

Alberto “Beto” Cortez, who was a writer, producer, and performer on the radio show, alleged that Sotelo had been “physically, sexually and emotionally harassing” him for three years. He also claimed that Sotelo would grab his buttocks and genitals when he arrived at the show’s Glendale office in the morning.

Cortez also accused Sotelo of using homophobic slurs, even though he is straight and has a girlfriend, and said he has witnesses to support his allegations. In an April 16 letter to Univision executives, Cortez said that Sotelo ordered members of his production team to falsify letters to lawmakers in support of immigration reform. “Beto” also claimed that Sotelo — whose nickname means “Tweety Bird” — made “unrealistic and unlawful” demands such as asking him to work longer hours with no breaks or overtime compensation.

Cortez’s attorney, Robert R. Clayton, wrote, “I have also spoken to former employees of the show who witnessed much of the harassment described herein. They too have either been subjected to or heard of Sotelo’s misconduct, threats, and the retaliation he has taken against employees who have spoken out against him.” Clayton asked that Univision reach a settlement with Sotelo, or else Cortez would file a lawsuit.

“A disgruntled, troubled employee has made malicious and false claims about Eddie Sotelo,” Piolin’s attorney Jeffrey Spitz said in a statement. “This was done as part of a demand for money. The employee worked with Eddie for more than a decade. The employee’s allegations of harassment and falsification of immigration letters are pure fiction intended to gain a financial settlement.”

Piolin Por La Manana was abruptly pulled from the air last week, and Univision said Thursday that Sotelo had agreed to leave. In a statement, Sotelo said that he had ” a great run” at the network.

A native of the Mexican state of Jalisco, Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo was inducted in the National Radio Hall of Fame last June.

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