Burger King Truck Fire, A Disaster For Fry Lovers Everywhere

A Burger King truck spill near Interstate 80 in Auburn, California, just north of Sacramento, has led to a super-sized disaster for fry lovers everywhere.

According to a report from FOX 40, the brakes of a big rig carrying french fries to a Modesto Burger King caught fire early on Tuesday morning. The fire occurred at approximately 1 a.m. near the Applegate Road off-ramp.

The fire soon spread to the front end of the trailer. Fortunately, no one was injured in the Burger King truck, and firefighters were able to extinguish the flames in just 10 minutes.

However, officials did have to use a tractor to remove the fries from the freeway.

The Burger King truck fire incident is just the latest of many high profile embarrassments for the fast food burger joint. Just last week, The Inquisitr reported on a UK Burger King customer, who found a slug in his chicken sandwich.

Manminber Singh was understandably freaked out by the unexpected topping when he purchased a Chicken Tendercrisp burger last Friday. The 37-year-old claimed to have found the slug crawling a cross a piece of lettuce on the sandwich.

“I was really shocked as I really love this burger and never had anything like this happen before,” Singh explained to the Daily Mail.

Although the staff offered to give the man his money back, the Burger King employees didn’t seem overly concerned about the slug’s appearance in the chicken sandwich, said Singh, who believes the health department should step in to correct the situation.

“I want health and safety people to come and lock them down. This might have affected my health as I have problems with my stomach and this could put me in more danger,” he explained.

A few days prior to the UK discovery, a stateside Burger King worker placed a marijuana pipe in a Kid’s Meal, which found its way to a four-year-old Michigan boy.

Luckily, the boy’s grandfather discovered the kid’s toy substitute before his grandson had a chance to get too attached.

And last but not least, another BK in the UK discovered this:

With the Burger King truck fire and the recent brand happenings, do you think this fast food restaurant may be (just a tad) cursed?

[Image via ShutterStock]