Teen Dies In Father’s Arms After Allergic Reaction

A fun vacation at a popular summer camp ended in tragedy when a teen died in her father’s arms after eating food containing peanuts.

Natalie Giorgi died from a severe allergic reaction to peanut butter while she was attending Camp Sacramento in El Dorado County, California.

Giorgi, 13, was very careful about what she ate and always made sure her food did not have nuts, according to family. But she had unknowingly eaten a Rice Krispies snack made with peanut butter.

On Friday night there was a social at the camp, to end the summer stay. A table with snacks was placed in a dark area and Natalie took one and had a bite.

Family members say that she immediately knew there was something wrong and spit it out. The teen felt fine for about 20 minutes, but then became ill, vomiting and had trouble breathing in what proved to be a fatal allergic reaction.

She then went into cardiac arrest and even though three epinephrine pens were used to attempt to help her, they could not save the Natalie, according a family friend. She died in the hospital.

The family has said that she took every care not to eat foods containing peanuts because she knew just how dangerous her condition was.

A statement from the family read in part,

While our hearts are breaking over the tragic loss of our beautiful daughter Natalie, it is our hope that others can learn from this and realize that nut and food allergies are life threatening.

A prayer vigil was held on Sunday in memory of Giorgi, who people remember for her laughter and her love for her friends

The family also publicly thanked paramedics and first responders who came to Natalie’s aid at the camp location.

According to foodallergywalk.org, about 15 million Americans suffer from allergies that can be as deadly as the one that caused the teen to die.