Woman With Terminal Cancer Gets Wedding of Her Dreams

A woman with terminal cancer got the wedding of her dreams thanks to the generosity of complete strangers.

Jen Bulik is a 35-year-old San Jose, California woman who was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer despite aggressive treatment.

This past weekend, she and her boyfriend of six years, had a dream wedding provided in part by more than 40 local vendors who donated their time and goods to the couple to make the day extra special.

Bulik and Jeff Lang got married in a park near her parents’ home. They were surrounded by friends, family and a New Orleans brass band.

The terminal cancer patient was given six months to live in June, so Lang proposed earlier this month to ensure they had the wedding she had always dreamed of.

The couple led a parade to the reception, where 125 guests ate barbecue, played corn hole, and watched the couple dance to an acoustic version of Lady Gaga’s Edge Of Glory.

“I avoided tearing up the entire day until I saw them dancing,” Erica Ota, a Bay area wedding planner who donated her services for the event, told Yahoo News.

A friend of the couple said that Jen changed her outfits and wigs about four times during the event and showed why she has always been considered a trend setter. “A true trendsetter, she always kept us guessing.”

Another wedding guest added, “I can’t picture Jeff without Jen, and I can’t picture Jen without Jeff. They are one.”

Ota launched an online fund to cover additional wedding-related expenses, including Bulik’s planned Hawaiian honeymoon. So far, they have raised over $50,000.

The unprecedented support the couple has received is truly touching and speaks to the kind of person Jen Bulik is.

The video was made by a group of friends of the woman with terminal cancer who wanted her to have the wedding memory.