Inca Mummies Show Child Human Sacrifice Victims Were Stoned

Inca mummies of child sacrifice victims show they were stoned for weeks before death.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a 2,500 year old mummy was cleaned at the Boston Hospital. Even scarier than the Inca mummies were the spinning statues in a museum.

The Inca mummies are called Llullaillaco Maiden, Llullaillaco Boy, and, oddly enough, Lightning Girl. The Inca mummies were found near the summit of a volcano they are named after.

Forensic and archaeological expert Andrew Wilson says the Inca mummies are among the best examples in the world:

“In terms of mummies that are known around the world, in my opinion she has to be the best preserved of any of the mummies that I’m aware of. She looks almost as if she’s just fallen asleep.”

The ancient Inca rituals of human sacrifice called capacocha often involved years of preparation. Girls would be chosen around the age of puberty to begin preparation for being sacrificed. Scientists were able to analyze samples of hair in order to determine what the Inca mummies ate during the last years of life.

The Inca mummies apparently consumed coca and alcohol, which would introduce altered states revered by the Inca. Coca is what is used to make cocaine. The amount of coca consumed gradually increased, spiking to higher levels during the last 12 and six months of life. The positions the Inca mummies were in seem to indicate they were unconscious or at least in a relaxed stupor. Scientists speculate this would have made it easier for the Incas to control their child human sacrifices:

“Seeing increases in both the consumption of alcohol and coca is very interesting, both in terms of the capacocha sacrifices and their lives before they died, and also in terms of what it can tell us about Inca coercion and control…. It is something that is designed to create this climate of fear and to basically help build new allegiances…. The sort of logistical support needed even today to work at this altitude is extensive. And here we’re talking about evidence that points to the highest possible, imperial-level support.”

The Inca empire was eventually destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors. Records from that time period relate how they knew about the human sacrifices and the Inca mummies. The Spanish apparently justified their actions largely due to the practice of Inca human sacrifice.

Do you think the Inca mummies justify the destructive actions of the Spanish?