Prince George’s Nickname Chosen By Prince Charles

Prince George’s nickname was chosen by his grandfather Prince Charles. George Alexander Louis will likely take the same nickname as the late Prince George, Duke of Kent. Prince Charles expects little George to be referred to as “Georgie in no time.”

Prince Charles discussed his grandson’s name while visiting the Whitstable Oyster Festival. As reported by US Magazine, Charles expressed his pride in his grandson stating that he is “pleased as punch.” He also noted that Prince George can be “very loud,” as is often expected of a newborn.

Prince William echoed his father’s comments about Prince George’s crying, stating that “he’s got a good pair of lungs on him.”

Much speculation and controversy has surrounded Kate Middleton and Prince Williams’ choice of name for their son. Prince George’s nickname seems more fitting for a newborn than the formal George Alexander Louis.

Georgie’s birth captivated the world. Although Middleton experienced numerous issues with morning sickness, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall announced that “mother, son, father, are all doing well.”

As reported by E Online, Prince George was born on July 22. The new parents left the hospital with their son the following day. They are currently staying with Middleton’s family in Bucklebury.

Prince George has a nickname. However, little Georgie’s last name is still unknown. For the little prince, a surname is not required. As reported by The Celebrity Cafe, those who do not address him by name. will simply call him His Royal Highness the Prince.

However, William and Kate may choose a surname, and they have several options. If they chose the combined surnames of Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth II, his last name will be Mountbatten-Windsor.

Prince Charles’ royal house, Wales, is also an option.

Another option would be to use Kate’s official title, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, giving Prince George the surname Cambridge.

Prince George’s nickname, and surname, are probably far from the minds of the new parents at this point. They are reportedly enjoying some much-needed rest and adjusting to their new life.