John McAfee Biopic Moving Forward At Warner Bros.

A biopic centered around anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee is coming together at Warner Bros.

The proposed motion picture will be based on an article by Wired writer Joshua Davis. Dangerous: An In-Depth Investigation into the Life of John McAfee will be used as a foundation for the biopic.

Writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski are currently in talks to deliver the script for the proposed John McAfee biopic. The guys handled scripting duties on both Ed Wood and Man on the Moon, so it’s obvious they know how to handle a true story.

Filmmakers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the team responsible for directing the Ryan Gosling flick Crazy Stupid Love, are currently in talks with Warner Bros. to helm the project. However, nothing about their involvement has been confirmed as of this writing.

If there’s a guy whose story is worthy of the big-screen treatment, then it’s definitely John McAfee. After making tons of money by creating anti-virus software, he suddenly decided to leave the industry behind. He sold all of his belongings and disappeared into Belize.

However, the strangest aspect of McAfee’s life really started last year. The anti-virus pioneer reportedly feuded with a man over his dogs. When the canines were founded poison and the guy was murdered executive-style, John McAfee became the center of a police investigation.

The latest piece of this very peculiar puzzle arrived in June when McAfee posted what can only be described as a surreal video on YouTube. Accompanied by scantily-clad women, the man who basically created the anti-virus industry showed how to uninstall his legendary software.

“I did the best I could at a paranoid rant. I was tired of seeing references to ‘Please hang this man because he has created the worst software in the world,’” he told Reuters after the clip went viral.

It’s currently unknown when the John McAfee biopic will hit theaters. Warner Bros. hasn’t set a release date as of this writing.

[Image via John McAfee / YouTube]