Ear Wax Marijuana Could Have You Rethinking The Whole ‘Legalize It’ Thing

Ear wax marijuana may make lawmakers want to rethink the whole push to legalize the popular recreational and medicinal drug.

In a recent report from the San Jose Mercury News, the news site detailed one 17-year-old user’s experience. According to Josh — last name not given — two minutes after taking a five-second vaporizer hit, he started to experience the fallout.

“I felt like I was gonna die,” Josh said. “The movie we were watching started to look 3-D. I kept seeing lights.”

Josh had just experienced his first — and to hear him tell it, last — encounter with 90 percent THC ear wax marijuana.

The result: Josh’s grandmother had to pick him up from the movies and transport him to the hospital. He awoke handcuffed to the bed rails and was later arrested and taken to a juvenile hall, where he would remain under the influence of the drug for three days.

In all, Josh received one year of probation and $7,000 in fines, the report stated.

Ear wax marijuana derives its name from appearance, which appears as a yellowy-green waxy material. It is said to contain between 50 percent and 90 percent THC, making it a drug so potent that it’s reserved only for patients with high tolerance, who are in need of a high potency medication.

It can generally be found at a health care dispensary in areas where medical marijuana is legal.

According to Christie DeClue, a Solano County Alcohol and Drug Advisory board member, the ear wax marijuana is a growing trend among smokers, who are looking for a more powerful high. Instead of smoking the leaves of the plant, DeClue said, “users are smoking (the more potent) buds of the plant.”

Andy Williamson, a substance abuse administrator in Solano County, told the Mercury News that smoking marijuana of any kind before the age of 25 can result in an IQ that is eight points lower than it would have been otherwise, “since a young individual’s brain is still developing,” he said.

Furthermore, Children’s Hospital of Michigan Regional Poison Control Center Director Susan Smolinske told CBS Detroit that two prescribed patients had to be hospitalized in the last month as a result of using the drug.

The two 36-year-olds were “hallucinating… They had behavior changes… (they) needed to be sedated because they were so agitated that they could not be controlled,” Smolinske said.

Marijuana — even legal marijuana — has continued to be a contentious issue for law enforcement. Just a few days ago, The Inquisitr brought you a report of the DEA raiding legal dispensaries in Seattle.

Do you think ear wax marijuana could give detractors more ammunition to keep the drug restricted?

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