Hollywood Hillbillies: ‘Angry Ginger’ Gets How Own TV Show On ReelzChannel

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the last year it’s that American audiences love to watch rednecks and hillbillies on TV. Honey Boo Boo may be the queen of the genre at the moment but wait until you meet the Hollywood Hillbillies.

ReelzChannel announced today that it would be bringing Michael Kittrel and his Georgia family to the small screen.

Do you recognize the name Michael Kittrell? How about angry ginger?

Kittrell became an internet celebrity a few years ago when he made a YouTube video in response to a South Park episode. Kittrell insists that gingers (people with red hair) do in fact have souls.

Kittrell said: “I made a lot of money on my YouTube channel, and I saved it all from the past four years… I got my family with me to support me and help me while we all look for our place out here.”

Kittrell may have been able to make a little money from his YouTube videos but now he’s hitting the big time with his own show. The Hollywood Hillbillies will center on the Kittrell family’s journey as they move from Grayson, Georgia to Hollywood.

Kittrell’s grandma Delores Hughes, known as Mema, his aunt, Dee Dee Peters, her boyfiend Paul Conlon, and his uncle John Cox will all be along for the ride.

Are you ready for the Hollywood Hillbillies?