FBI Arrests 150 For Child Prostitution, Rescues 105 Teens

The FBI arrested 150 for child prostitution in a recent sting operation.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, child sex abuse and prostitution was made illegal by Pope Francis in Vatican City.

While some might wonder why the seat of the Catholic Church is so far behind the legal times, you have to consider how the NCAA Final Four and the Super Bowl is the largest venue for human sex trafficking. The FBI says they have seen “children recovered from each of those events, multiple children from each of those events in the past.”

The FBI raids included 70 different cities across the US. In the end, the raids were a success, resulting in the FBI arresting 150 for a variety of federal and state charges. The FBI sting also seized cash, drugs, vehicles, and firearms.

The FBI arrested 150 suspects in a large variety of places, including truck stops, motels, casinos, and other locations. The largest number of arrests were in Detroit, where the FBI arrested 18 suspects. San Francisco followed closely with 17 arrests. New York had no arrests, although Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Oklahoma had a large number of FBI arrests and rescues.

The 105 teens rescued from child prostitution will face a variety of problems, both physical and emotional. Drugs are often used by pimps to control child prostitutes. Child prostitutes also tend to have few or no family ties.

Were you surprised human sex trafficking and child prostitution is so large in the United States that the FBI arrested 150 suspects?