‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’: Aaron Taylor-Johnson On Playing Quicksilver [Video]

Avengers: Age Of Ultron may have landed another actor to play a role. Aaron Taylor-Johnson seems excited as he talks about playing the role of Quicksilver in the video above.

Who better to play a kid super hero than someone who played a kid super hero in the first place? That is probably the reason Joss Whedon has been hoping to land Kick-Ass 2 star Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the role of Quicksilver. It’s easier to deal with an actor who has done something similar before.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was made famous in the superhero realm when he played the title role in the realism-packed Kick-Ass. The film was about a kid in high school who goes from talking about comic book super heroes to actually trying to become one, and showed the realistic problems involved with doing so.

Joss Whedon has been planning to cast Quicksilver and his sister Scarlet Witch (the mutant children of Magneto, but thanks to Fox Studios, we don’t know that) since he finished the rough draft of the script for Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Aaron Taylor-Johnson says he is more interested in the character aspects of the role of Quicksilver rather than just another super hero.

The interview begins with Josh Horowitz of MTV News talking with the Kick-Ass 2 star, “You know as well as I do [about] the roles that people are up for, and you’ve been … Spider-Man was talked about for a while and now it’s Quicksilver that’s being talked about.”

Aaron Taylor-Johnson responds, “I do think outside the box, and then ‘Oh, super heroes!’, let’s all keep with that theme.”

Josh Horowitz asks him, “From your perspective, is that something you’re comfortable with doing another time around?”

On playing Quicksilver in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the Kick-Ass 2 star commented, “I’m excited when they’re characters … you ask about Avengers 2 and Quicksilver and things like that … he’s an abandoned child, him and his sister are abandoned, and they’re released in Europe … there’s more character aspect that I’m more interested in than the power aspect. And if that’s something that you can make work, then you’ve got something you can relate to.”

Apparently Aaron Taylor-Johnson is interested as long as Quicksilver is treated like a character rather than just another super hero, and we believe in the end, the critics will agree to that.

What do you think of what Aaron Taylor-Johnson had to say about playing Quicksilver in Avengers: Age Of Ultron?