Xbox One Leaker Allegedly Refuses To Unlock Laptop For Police

An Xbox One leaker is allegedly refusing to unlock his laptop for police.

A man in Australia who illegally possesses an Xbox One development kit is refusing to comply with police and decrypt his MacBook Pro. Dylan Wheeler was given a Data Access Order from the West Australian Police ordering him to unlock his 15-inch MacBook Pro, when he stated he changed his password so often that he'd forgotten the last one he set.

Dylan Wheeler, also known as SuperDaE, had threatened to reveal secret documents on private servers via Twitter concerning the Xbox One a few months ago, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

In spite of Xbox One leaker Dylan Wheeler claiming he had forgotten the password, he allegedly refused to tell them whether there were upper or lower case letters, numbers or special characters used. On his Twitter account, he had made a statement that there were no such encryptions on the device.

For most people on the internet, mixing up a combination of those characters can make the password harder to break, especially for hackers. However, hackers have taught us that if it can be made, it can be broken. No amount of security on the internet is foolproof. This is why Antivirus companies like Norton and McAfee are able to charge to update and maintain their software every year. They know that you have to update your security on a regular basis to maintain a relative level of safety.

The Xbox One leaker has been charged with possession of identification material with intent to commit an offense, failing to obey a data access order, and dishonestly obtaining or dealing in personal financial information. In other words, according to authorities, Dylan Wheeler could use the Xbox One development kit to commit identity theft, a major problem on the internet today.

Dylan Wheeler has yet to enter a plea, and the hearing for his charges is set for next month. A copy of the offense record was posted on his Twitter account, which was made private, but the full form can be seen on Polygon.

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